Probiotic face masks and the amazing
transformations they provide are all the rage at elite
spas everywhere. The problem is getting just one
done at a Rodeo Drive spa in Beverly Hills could
easily cost you well over $200 dollars.

The simple solution is Natren's superior quality Do It
Yourself face mask with DIGESTA-LAC®. For less
than $2 dollars, you can treat yourself to luxurious
healthy skin anytime you'd like, in just minutes.

I just love this product. It’s so cooling to the
face, makes my skin so smooth, and goes a
long way. I use it 3 time a week and my skin
looks great. I will always use this as my
favorite mask.

- Missy

These do-it-yourself probiotic face masks combine
simple ingredients to nourish and replenish your
skin. For best results, combine topical use with an
oral probiotic like Natren’s HEALTHY TRINITY to
further replenish your skin from the inside-out!